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AquaIntel SW50

AquaIntel SW50

The AquaIntel SW50 is a highly efficient, compact heat source pump designed for optimal pool temperature maintenance. With a heating capacity up to 5.0 kW and an impressive average Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 9.1 at 50% speed, it ensures excellent performance under a wide range of conditions. The pump can service pools between 5 and 20 cubic meters and operates effectively in air temperatures from -5°C to 43°C. Lightweight at 33kg and requiring a 230V 1Ph power supply, the AquaIntel SW50 combines powerful heating capabilities with ease of installation and use.

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Model Information


Heating Capacity (kW) 


COP Range 


Average COP at 50% Speed 



Heating Capacity (kW) 


COP Range 


Average COP at 50% Speed 



Advised Pool Volume (m³) * 


Operating Air Temperature (°C) 

-5°C ~ 43°C 

Heat Exchanger 

Twisted Titanium Heat Exchanger 

Power Supply 

230V 1Ph 

Weight (kg) 


Dimension LxWxH (mm) 

682 x 318 x 598

The AquaIntel SW50 is a highly efficient heat source pump designed to maintain optimal water temperature for swimming pools. This unit is built to provide superior performance under a wide range of conditions, accommodating pool volumes between 5 and 20 cubic meters.

Under conditions of 27°C air temperature, 27°C water temperature, and 80% humidity, the SW50 offers a substantial heating capacity of 5.0 kW. With a COP (Coefficient of Performance) range of 13.0 to 6.0, it maintains an impressive average COP of 9.1 at 50% speed. At a lower air temperature of 15°C, with water at 26°C and 70% humidity, it still sustains a heating capacity of 3.5 kW, a COP range of 6.8 to 4.5, and an average COP of 6.2 at half speed.

Technically advanced, the SW50 is equipped with a twisted titanium heat exchanger, enabling superior heat transfer and corrosion resistance. Its operational temperature range is also remarkably broad, able to function effectively in air temperatures from -5°C to 43°C.

Designed for convenience and easy installation, this heat pump has a compact footprint, measuring just 682mm in length, 318mm in width, and 598mm in height. Despite its powerful capabilities, it is relatively lightweight at 33kg. It also offers a straightforward power supply requirement, needing only a 230V 1Ph source.

In summary, the AquaIntel SW50 heat source pump is a high-performance, energy-efficient solution for maintaining perfect swimming pool temperatures, combining powerful heating capabilities with versatile operation and compact design.

How will this save me money?

Let’s get right to it – this is the most efficient way to heat your hot tub, and early investment will save you money in the long run. With an Air Source Heat Pump, you can quite literally half your energy costs, and save yourself an average of £5k-7.5k over the lifetime of your spa.*

*Using a comparison of hot tubs from our Platinum range, with and without an air source heat pump. Typical daily usage results in 6.9kWh of energy used without an air source heat pump, compared with 3.36kWh with an air source heat pump. At today’s energy prices of £0.34p/kWh, over the lifetime of your hot tub (10-15 years), with an air source heat pump you would save on average £5k-£7.5k in energy costs – even factoring in the upfront cost of the package!

How It Works

Heat pumps are much like an air conditioner, they just work in reverse. Instead of taking air from a space, removing the heat and returning it, a heat pump takes large amounts of air from the atmosphere, the heat contained in the air is removed and transferred to water from the hot tub passing through the unit. 


  • Maintains the spa at a comfortable temperature.
  • Clean, safe and easy to operate.
  • Heat on demand, not reliant on weather conditions.
  • Durable – with proper maintenance, it can last up to 15 years.
  • Varying temperature options.


*Illustration Purposes Only*

1. Electrical requirements – The air source heat pump requires a 13 amp outdoor socket. 


2. Installation – Each installation will vary, we will review and discuss the best fitment and location for the heat pump with you. We will undertake some basic modifications to your hot tub/swim spa to plumb the heat pump into the heating system. There will be an inlet and an outlet pipe plumbed into the hot tub base/cabinet to provide circulation through the heat pump.


3. Location – The heat pump requires a minimum of 450mm of inlet space and is recommended to have a minimum of 1500mm of space for the fan outlet.

Due to how the system works, our air source heat pump will still produce heat even if the ambient air temperature is below zero as the compression of the refrigerant creates heat. Not only is this a far more cost-effective solution to heat your hot tub, it is also a much more eco-friendly option.

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