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What Is The Best Insulation For Hot Tubs?

No matter what kind of hot tub you have, insulation will always play an important role in keeping the heat in your hot tub.

Some people aren’t aware of why insulation is crucial for a hot tub and this can lead them to make bad decisions on the kind of hot tub that they are going to buy.

The key is that you need to know the difference between good hot tub insulation and bad hot tub insulation.

So to learn more about insulation for hot tubs and the difference between good and bad insulation, keep reading.

Why Is Insulation Important?

As we’ve mentioned before insulation in your hot tub is crucial, not only will it help you to keep your heat in but your hot tub needs it.

The insulation in the hot tub helps to create a barrier between the water and the external elements for example the cold air.

If your hot tub had no insulation then the water you have in your hot tub would lose heat very quickly.

This means that your hot tub heater would have to continuously heat your hot tub water and this would take a lot of energy.

It goes without saying that if your hot tub heater was working overtime just to increase the heat of your hot tub, your running costs will go up.

This may not sound that bad, however, when you consider the UK’s climate, your heater would have to work hard to keep the heat in.

Over time this will make your hot tub expensive to run and can cost you a lot of money.

What Are The Signs Of Good Insulation?

When you get a hot tub or you are considering purchasing a hot tub, it’s always good to know what insulation is the best for you.

Of course, the hot tub that you are considering may have insulation already fitted that’s recommended but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s high-quality insulation.

This is why it’s important to know the signs of good insulation so you will know how to spot it quickly.

One of the first things we would recommend looking at the kind of materials that are used for the insulation. The best material that the insulation can be made out of is full foam insulation.

This foam distributes and helps to seal any air gaps which reduces the amount of heat that escapes.

So if a hot tub has full foam insulation then this is a good insulation material that you should consider.

Another feature that some hot tub retailers will include is the running costs and energy efficiency of the hot tub.

This is particularly important because generally, the better the energy efficiency the better your running costs.

So this is something you should also inspect when looking for the best hot tub on the market.

What Are The Signs Of Bad Insulation?

Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to look for when it comes to hot tub insulation, this ends up in them buying hot tubs with bad insulation and costing themselves a lot of money.

This is why it’s important to know what the signs of bad hot tub insulation are.

Since it’s hard to see the insulation for yourself one of the key things that we recommend that you find out is what materials were used to create the hot tub.

As we’ve mentioned before, some good insulation material to use is full foam insulation.

However, partial foam insulation is also used in hot tubs, the ability to retain heat is often much less effective.

Some hot tubs have even less than partial foam insulation and this can cause a high amount of heat loss.

Low energy efficiency is also another indicator of bad insulation and this will drive your running costs up.

So these are the things you should look for when avoiding bad hot tub insulation, be sure to find out this information before you buy a hot tub.

Where To Get A Hot Tub With Great Insulation?

While it may sound like there are a lot of hot tub retailers out there who sell hot tubs with bad insulation, this isn’t always the case.

Of course, some hot tub retailers have their own insulation that they will recommend.

At Scunthorpe, the one that we would recommend is our R10 insulation which has won awards for the overall quality and low running costs that it provides.

We created our R10 insulation so that it can not only keep the heat in your hot tub but also save you money on your running costs.

It includes our advanced full-foam insulation so you can retain maximum heat and increase your energy efficiency by up to 60%.

Why not see both our R10 range which has some amazing hot tubs built for energy efficiency and to save you money on running costs.


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