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How Hot Tubs Maximize Recovery For Fitness Enthusiasts And Athletes

Did you know that a little shy of two-thirds of the UK’s population participates in a minimum of one exercise session every week?

While we aren’t all professional athletes, there are some methods professional athletes use to recover that we can all benefit from.

If you were to talk to a professional sports coach they would tell you that one of the number one ways you can recover is by relaxing your muscles in water, or as it’s more commonly called ‘hydrotherapy’.

Hot tubs are a very popular way to use hydrotherapy, they are chosen by professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts all around the world for their abilities to speed up recovery.

Read on to discover the benefits of using hot tubs as a method of recovery.

Help loosen muscles by relaxing them in the hot tub

Whenever we over-exercise or push ourselves too hard, our muscles tend to get tight and stiff, particularly if we don’t stretch before exercising.

The problem is that when our muscles become tight it usually causes us to miss exercise sessions which isn’t good for our health and fitness.

Research shows that if 10% of your muscle fibers are in spasm, then you cannot effectively use your muscles and sometimes this can cause long-term muscle problems.

Hot tubs are the perfect solution for loosening any stiff or tight muscles that you have, the jets in the hot tub help to soothe and relax muscles so you can recover while you lay back and enjoy the feeling of hot water massaging your muscles.

In addition to relaxing muscles, hot tubs are also great for lower back injuries and general muscle pain, the water’s recovery properties help to ease and remove injuries and symptoms.


Improves circulation

Circulation is important not just when you are exercising but through day-to-day life too, without it, your body can’t effectively move blood to your muscles.

Studies show that people who use hot tubs regularly have significantly better circulation.

Not only do they promote circulation but they also help pump fresh blood carrying healing properties into your muscles, hot tubs do this by using vasodilation to open up your blood vessels.

While your blood is moving around your body it carries oxygen and nutrients to your muscles to help repair any damage.

If you want better circulation or you would like to recover faster then hot tubs can help, particularly through their ability to promote blood circulation around the body.


Proper recovery reduces the likelihood of future injuries

For most people, it’s pretty common to finish exercising and just stop without stretching muscles or giving them the proper recovery that they need.

If muscles don’t recover properly then they are a lot more likely to be injured, but when muscles do recover properly they are refreshed for the next exercise session.

The muscles can also move more freely without any stiffness which means they are less likely to be injured during exercise.

Luckily hot tubs are a big help when it comes to recovery even if the hot tub is used on a weekly or bi-weekly basis this is still great for muscle recovery. Also relaxing in a hot tub with warm bubbles is a great alternative for recovery compared to receiving a rough sports massage.

Cavan Images/Getty Images

Improves sleep

Research shows that sleep is very important for muscle recovery and that a lack of high-quality sleep can slow down recovery.

The reason for this is that when we sleep our bodies are relaxed and this is mainly where recovery takes place.

A highly recommended remedy for a great night’s sleep is taking a bath, or even better, taking a dip in a hot tub before bed. We’ve mentioned this before on our blogs, but hot tubs are so good for sleep that they are recommended by doctors.

Stress is also a common cause of a poor night’s sleep, and people often feel stress in their lives which can affect recovery, luckily, hot tubs are perfect for de-stressing.

Take the sleep benefits that hot tubs offer and add the de-stressing benefits hot tubs offer and you have a winning combination for recovery.


The role hot tubs play in recovery is crucial

As you can see there are many ways hot tubs can aid recovery and you don’t need to be a professional athlete or someone who exercises every day to reap the rewards.

Some people use hot tubs to treat some ongoing arthritis issues or even to unwind and de-stress after a long day or from some light exercise.

If you would like to explore the different types of hot tubs that can help with recovery, then feel free to look here.

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