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Mr Silence MS70 (7KW)

Mr Silence MS70 (7KW)

The Mr. Silence is an innovative pool heat pump featuring the InverPad® technology. It is designed for both aesthetic appeal and efficient, quiet operation. The heat pump boasts a unique Pad Appearance, Stepless DC Inverter, and advanced Noise Cancelling technology, ensuring minimal sound disturbance. It operates exceptionally quietly, with an average sound level of 40dB(A). The device offers significant energy savings and a high Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 16. It also includes a user-friendly control system, enabling remote control and programming via the InverGo app. Additionally, the product incorporates a DC twin-rotary inverter compressor, hot gas defrosting, EEV technology for improved gas flow, and a twisted titanium heat exchanger for enhanced efficiency.

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InverPad® is a revolutionary technology created by Aquark technology Limited with the mentality of changing 50 years of tradition in the pool heat pump industry: boring design and noisy operation. It perfectly combines unique Pad Appearance, Stepless DC Inverter and Noise Cancelling technology together. 





InverPad® is the most silent and saving inverter technology in the pool industry. It combines Aquark’s unique airflow design that eliminates every possible noise to ensure the most silent performance for customer. The average sound level is 40dB(A) at 1 meter.

36.5 dB(A)

Silence Mode

40 dB(A)


46 dB(A)

Boost Mode



Benefiting from stepless DC inverter technology, Mr. Silence’s running speed will be adjusted intelligently according to the environment and water temperature. That will lead to double energy saving than traditional On/Off heat pumps.



At the beginning of the pool season, Mr. Silence will run at full speed to heat up the pool rapidly. Once pool temperature is getting close to set point, Mr. Silence automatically adjusts to lower speed, offering even more efficient and quiet operation. The COP at low speed is up to 16.



Control your heat pump anywhere and anytime with InverGo.

Controller in your hands

Enjoy and access all the features of your heat pump controller.

Set Schedules​

Program when or how your heat pump works

Share with your loved ones

Let your family control Dreaming Silence


DC twin-rotary Inverter compressor of Mitsubishi.

Hot gas defrosting with Saginomiya 4-way valve for quick and efficient defrosting.

EEV technology: 10 times flexibility to adjust the gas flow and increase the COP by up to 20%.

Twisted titanium heat exchanger: 40% higher efficiency than normal titanium heat exchanger.

32% GWP comparing to R410A 25% CO2 carbon consumption 25% quota cost.

Operate in air temp down to -10°C

How will this save me money?

Let’s get right to it – this is the most efficient way to heat your hot tub, and early investment will save you money in the long run. With an Air Source Heat Pump, you can quite literally half your energy costs, and save yourself an average of £5k-7.5k over the lifetime of your spa.*

*Using a comparison of hot tubs from our Platinum range, with and without an air source heat pump. Typical daily usage results in 6.9kWh of energy used without an air source heat pump, compared with 3.36kWh with an air source heat pump. At today’s energy prices of £0.34p/kWh, over the lifetime of your hot tub (10-15 years), with an air source heat pump you would save on average £5k-£7.5k in energy costs – even factoring in the upfront cost of the package!

How It Works

Heat pumps are much like an air conditioner, they just work in reverse. Instead of taking air from a space, removing the heat and returning it, a heat pump takes large amounts of air from the atmosphere, the heat contained in the air is removed and transferred to water from the hot tub passing through the unit. 


  • Maintains the spa at a comfortable temperature.
  • Clean, safe and easy to operate.
  • Heat on demand, not reliant on weather conditions.
  • Durable – with proper maintenance, it can last up to 15 years.
  • Varying temperature options.


*Illustration Purposes Only*

1. Electrical requirements – The air source heat pump requires a 13 amp outdoor socket. 


2. Installation – Each installation will vary, we will review and discuss the best fitment and location for the heat pump with you. We will undertake some basic modifications to your hot tub/swim spa to plumb the heat pump into the heating system. There will be an inlet and an outlet pipe plumbed into the hot tub base/cabinet to provide circulation through the heat pump.


3. Location – The heat pump requires a minimum of 450mm of inlet space and is recommended to have a minimum of 1500mm of space for the fan outlet.

Due to how the system works, our air source heat pump will still produce heat even if the ambient air temperature is below zero as the compression of the refrigerant creates heat. Not only is this a far more cost-effective solution to heat your hot tub, it is also a much more eco-friendly option.

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